Bring back the human touch in travelling

Just in terms of travel, we can take advantage of digital booking plaforms, cheap flights and a multitude of shared economy services.

Urban Lobby luggagesUrban Lobby luggages

It’s never been so easy to just pack your bag & explore the world!

With travel more accessible and services more automated, what was once a hotel lobby can now be a key card in a concealed envelope.

Despite these conveniences, however, we all feel the need to belong somewhere. We still need the human touch.

Urban Lobby combines the best of both worlds by providing an automated locker service for care-free storage and an exclusive lounge for fun-filled socializing!

Did you know that more than a half of all city visitors would like extra time to do more exploring after check out?

Roughly 70% of Airbnb travelers have to wait 4 or more hours for departure after checking out of their accomodation. This is what we call “gap time”.

With the help of our automated luggage storage, café & lounge you can use this gap time effectively.

Urban Lobby brings you relief

Urban Lobby is a place where you can feel safe, unwind, recharge and get connected.

There’s never been a better time to travel, and now is the time to live every moment.